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  1. Discussion Guide Questions for The Yard
    Khalid takes in an abandoned boy, Behrooz, as his own, against the wishes of his family. Do you know anyone who has adopted a child? What were some of the considerations? Is adopting frowned upon by your family or community? Why, or why not?
  2. Khalid, draws the line on his religious beliefs when they conflicted with his moral code or what he thought was right. He believes in the Golden Rule above all else. Can you identify with the choices he made? Do you feel he regrets his choices later on? Was he redeemed in the end?
  3. Do you agree that prejudices and forces beyond their control pushed Maya and Behrooz together in their childhood years? When does Maya become Behrooz’s only friend?
  4. Maya leaves The Yard to escape family obligations and rivalry, her perceived jail and her love for Behrooz. Do you agree? How does Maya change? Is she worthy of Behrooz in the end?
  5. The novel deals with love between parents and children, lovers, friends, and husbands and wives. Sara, Behrooz’s wife, allows him freedom in the end. Did she have another option? Was she unselfish? Did she love him unconditionally?