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Aliyyah Eniath Hosein is a director at Safari Publications, a magazine publishing house, and founder/editor-in-chief of Belle Weddings (Caribbean) magazine.

Her debut novel The Yard (literary, romance) is published by Speaking Tiger Books in both paperback and ebook formats.

She explores the ideas of breaking free from imposed boundaries (familial or otherwise), understanding and feeling supported in who you are, overcoming self doubt, and finally being true to yourself. Her writing looks at strict religious ideologies and their potential consequences and begs for a softer approach and innate understanding and compassion towards every human being.

She writes from the perspective of East Indians whose forefathers were brought to Trinidad from India through the British colonial indentureship scheme in 1845.


by Aliyyah Eniath
(Speaking Tiger Books)
Published April 2016.

The Yard is a family saga straddling that sweet spot between literary and commercial fiction.

Behrooz is brought to The Yard, a familial housing complex in Trinidad and Tobago, where he struggles to belong. His adoptive father is kindhearted, but other family members are guarded about the new addition. They contend that Behrooz will betray his family by defiling his adoptive sister, Maya, a rebellious girl who was not romantically forbidden to him under Islamic Law.

Behrooz and Maya form a childish alliance and later, struggle with romantic attraction. After they share a night of adolescent tenderness, Maya, fearing retribution, flees to London where she pursues her artistic talent. Behrooz painstakingly rebuilds his life and marries another. When tragedy strikes, Maya returns to her childhood home. There, she and Behrooz must face up to old demons. Can their love endure? Even after Maya is dealt the most “righteous” blow of all?


A haunting tale of family, commitment, love…and being true to yourself.
‘THE YARD’ is a home, a place, an emotional life course and a cultural life-styling familiar to many, otherworldly to some.

In Aliyyah Eniath’s ‘THE YARD’, her breakthrough novel, her ‘voice’ speaks in warm and sometimes cold filmic pictures of the universal language of love, honour, commitment, belief and family.

When a remote outsider, a young boy, is drawn into and under the beguiling machinations of a devout, extended family the difficulties of disruption and the efforts of acceptance create distinct ripples in the fabric of THE YARD’s hierarchy and challenges the decisions of a determined young girl’s head and heart.

A riveting, compelling, page-turning debut novel from a gifted and considered storyteller.