A haunting tale of family, commitment, love…and being true to yourself.
‘THE YARD’ is a home, a place, an emotional life course and a cultural life-styling familiar to many, otherworldly to some.

In Aliyyah Eniath’s ‘THE YARD’, her breakthrough novel, her ‘voice’ speaks in warm and sometimes cold filmic pictures of the universal language of love, honour, commitment, belief and family.

When a remote outsider, a young boy, is drawn into and under the beguiling machinations of a devout, extended family the difficulties of disruption and the efforts of acceptance create distinct ripples in the fabric of THE YARD’s hierarchy and challenges the decisions of a determined young girl’s head and heart.

A riveting, compelling, page-turning debut novel from a gifted and considered storyteller.

On a gem of an island, in a private family enclave, boy — orphaned, rough, longing for acceptance– meets girl –sophisticated, manipulative, afraid of tenderness. The Yard is a sensitive tale of romance, hurt and forgiveness skilfully spun by emergent author Aliyyah Eniath.
Barbara Bamberger ScottBARBARA BAMBERGER SCOTT, Editor - A Woman's Write